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Payed 4 bucks to get app then had to pay more to actually send the fax. Do not buy unless you need to send a fax right now!


This application does not tell you that even though you have paid $3.99 for the app you still have to pay for every fax that you send up to $3.99 per fax… Basically a rip off unless you’re sending a fax every day. Other than that the system seems to work very well.


App at $3.99 is okay but when you open you realize there is another $3.99 to use it and as one week is the only option that should be included in the initial app charge. It auto renews also and I had to call Apple to stop auto renewal as it will not let you stop it in the app.

Print Faxes

I really like this program but there is one function it won't do and that is print my faxes.


I love the convenience....thank you.

Hidden charges

U have to pay additionally to fax anything. Not just the 3.99.

Refund please

Bought it for 3.99 thinking I’d be able to send faxes but no I need to buy credits to do that and I’m not doing that so refund please

Great fax

Easy to use with quick response time. Faster than efax!!! Wish it received as well

I love this app

This is a life saver in a pinch/just love it. Thank you soooooo mucccccch

Over priced

Personally, I do not think that it's fair you have to spend $3.99 for the app than have to pay additional fees to actually send a fax. I feel as though that when you first buy it you should get a couple faxes free or least your first one because there are other options that do not charge as much. Honestly, never again I could've went into an office supply store and spent less money. Very disappointing. 7/9/2018 I do not recommend this app. I have been charged multiple times for the app as well as the weekly fee after I have cancelled subscription. I hope to receive a refund because it is over $30 for something I only used once. Very upset with the app. It works great, however, the cost and how to cancel the plan and how a customer is charged is extremely misleading

Read the privacy policy

If I knew this app’ privacy policy was so loosely worded then, I wouldn’t have purchased this user liscence! Basically says your company has access and has alienable rights to hold, share and repurpose any and all content from fax documents. Enough with this nonsense! Post your privacy policy so people can read it before agreeing to signing up!

The best

Best app used so far. Very convenient. I just dont like they removed the option of purchasing credit and use monthly/year subscription since I dont use it very often.

Don’t Purchase Scam!!!

I was charged $153.96 when I thought I was paying $3.99! On the phone now with my bank! So disappointed!

Great app

Used it many times and it worked great!


This app save me so much time love it

Rip off

Hard to use. Never got through. I have 3 billing charges in two weeks. Customer service is non existent. Can’t get through to solve issues, deliberately designed that way. Company keep charging a a fee. Cancel my subscription, now.....

Evil business practices

Set you up for auto renew of Subscription then make it impossible to find account settings to cancel auto renew.


Why did I pay $3.99 for an app that then has in-app purchases before its functional? I got what for my $3.99? The knowledge that it would cost me another $3.99 to send something... And of course it’s on recurring charge cause nothing screams ethical like auto charges on all payment options

Delivery receipt?

Is there a way I can get a copy of the transmission report? I’m in dispute with a hotel in the hundreds of dollars and I need proof a fax was sent. I get a simple text “delivered” but this is useless.


Cool stuff. Very convenient. Safes time, gas and more importantly minimizes clutter. I am really satisfied with my purchase. The only improvement I can suggest is to inform us about the $9.99 in app credit purchase. Thank you.

Not worth the money

Very expensive for what it does.


I tried for first time and it worked! What a wonderful app!

Great App!

Super great app very helpful!

A modern app keeping pace with technology

This app saved the day for me. After spending 40 min and $65 dollars later trying to locate and fax from a physical machine, this app saved me from having to go back and spend an absurd amount more when additional documents were requested. It was so intuitive to use and cost effective. Complete brilliance and I’m so thankful they can make physical fax machines obsolete!


El milagro de la tecnología

The fax that said it was delivered- wasn’t

That’s the whole story. So now what?

Why pay for the app then have to pay more?

Downloaded the app for $3.99. I’m probably only going to use it 3 times but whatever it’s handy to have. When trying to send my first fax I was unable to do so, I had to buy credits and the credits were applied to each fax that I sent. Next time I’ll use an old fashioned fax machine. Thanks for sucking me in to spending more money!

Good app

Easy and simple to use

Iscanner fax

Additional charges to fax.

Don’t get it.

The fees are not disclosed Once you download the app and pay app a additional fees (Credit) that you pay for use. It would be nice to know fee before you even download the app.

Doesn’t work

I have tried over and over to send faxes and have lost money and nothing ever sent!!!

They want more money

Haven’t used it in a while but my 35 credits I paid for shouldn’t expire They want me to renew subscription In that case they should reimburse me for the 35 credits I already paid for.

Convenient but kind of slow

Kind of slow. Pending delivery for few min.

Just wow

All of a sudden they are doing the subscription. $4/week when I just need to send one fax a week no thank you. I will be looking for another app. I rather pay for what i need rather than have a bill every week for unlimited. It’s unnecessary to not have both options.

Fax in your hands

Love it few steps and easy to used amazin!!!!!



Fax Fee

You pay for the app without being notified that you’ll have to pay 10.00 for credits to fax. So, they basically know you’ll feel forced you to pay.


Hey charged you $3.99 for this app and then you have to pay $10 monthly. A totally scam

Thank you

Love the app saves time and money Would cost me double to go into fedex to fax the same docs and did it home

Horrible waste of money

Don’t purchase this app!!! Hidden fees and IT DOESN’T WORK!! You know it’s bad when you click support and the first thing that comes up is how to get refund..,now let’s see how long it takes to get a refund!!

garbage hidden charges

scam scam scam

This is awful

Paid 3.99 only to find out I must purchase credits to actually use. Very misleading.

SCam app

The app makes you buy the app and then buy to fax. Should be one or the other buy the app and fax when you want or free app and pay to fax... NOT BOTH!!!


My photo is in black and white. It needs to be in color


Easy to use. Professional clear documents in pdf format. Keeps record of faxes delivered. Fast and efficient, excellent app!

False Advertising.

False advertising. Description of app said there is a $3.99 unlimited weekly fax subscription option which does not exist once you buy the app. There is no easy way to come muni are if customer service. I would like a full refund.

Took away my credit

I bought the credit Can not send them Now I want to send you make me buy more credit

Bait and switch... rip-off

Purchase this app... but you will NOT be able to use it. Why? Because you’re forced to BUY “credits” for insane prices, to unlock the ability to FAX! And nowhere... I mean NOWHERE is the price listed regarding, how many credits it costs per document to actually fax anything!!!


It's a pile of 💩 app that wants you to buy tokens or credits to send each page is 10 credits so I thought alright lets try it one Time and see only have one page how much could that cost well they don't just sell what you need but if you need to send 7.5 pages they got you covered for $3.99 ouch! but I did it anyway, it sent the fax as it claimed it was pretty expensive to send 1 page $7.00 with the price of the app? I Won't do that again I tell myself, and then a week later I have a emergency fax must be sent out to the hospital someone’s life is depending on it, but I got the extra 65 credits so I can burn some of those up on this emergency NOPE there gone I guess the expire after a week? it will never happen there's a better chance of me buying a bag from the grocery store to get my grocery's home than me buying 1 more credit from this ripoff app ! Come on apple 🍎 don't you vet these app companies anymore? Ok so here i am again in the App Store looking for a faxing app some 3 years after I wrote from the Apple up I never hit send on the review and I almost down loaded it again the horror of it I was just going into the reviews section like always before downloading any app in fact this is one of the apps that trained me to always read there BS first and there reviews for the truth about the app I’m going to go to fed x instead don’t do it people let these company’s dry up and go away we should accept this kind of product there is no reason to fleeced like this!

The worst app

I want my money back and credit purchased Credit back

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