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Total Rip Off!

I purchased the $13.99 bundle with iScan, Fax and Phone recorder. None of them work on my iPhone 7. I don't know a way that I can return the purchase and claim my money back.

Stupid, can get the same thing free!

Downloaded this app and paid 3.99 for ONLY the app, no faxes. Still have to pay additional to send pages Got a Free app that charges to send the fax but has cheaper package options for the sporadic faxer like myself.

Well worth the cost

App works the way it should , it’s effortless. Stores my number , faxes arrive quickly.

So far So good

App works flawless... you will pay for the app and also to be able to fax you’ll also need to purchase a package as low as $9.99 but well worth it. It’s a smooth app quick and simple... no complaints at all.... you get what you pay for with added convenience.

Beware!!! You’ll lose all your purchased Credits

App works reasonably well, but beware if you upgrade to a new phone (me...iPhone 6 to 8) You lose all credits you’ve purchased... Just happened to me and they refuse to apply my unused credits back to my account, I’ll be requiring all 7 of my sales reps to switch to a new app after I do a bit of research and their credits run out. Poor customer service!!!


It helps out sending my medical notes and my resumé to the employer. It does cost money, but worth every penny.


Description of app should state you need to pay a monthly fee to be able to fax documents. I bought it and then realized I have to pay a monthly fee.


Well done Efficient Perfect Quick Reasonable

A scam

Bundled with another software. Had to pay for this useless piece of junk.

Need help to restore credits

After sending three emails to the support email below I have had NO response. Just installed on my new phone. This app has been 5 Stars so far, but I lost all of my credits and the restore button does not work. I have submitted emails to the company for help with no response. Please restore my credits!

Money back

Don’t like this app did not know that I had to pay to have something faxed after paying to get the app want a refund

Too expensive

It’s faxing... I paid for the app and then you don’t even give me free credits.... this app is crap!

Great app for faxing

Not sure if it’s just my phone but sometimes scans come out blurry. Takes a couple of tries to get it right. Other than that it works flawless. I pay the $9.99/month for unlimited faxing a month since I fax on a daily basis at my job and saves me so much time trying to use a fax machine. My advised would be that since I fax the same number there should be an option where it allows you to see history of numbers you recently fax to easily select them instead of typing them all over again or search through contacts. Other thing I would like to see is the fax history getting synced on iCloud. It would be nice if I could see everything I faxed across my other devices and they stay in sync and backed up.


It’s great to be able to fax from my phone vs. having to use a fax machine. AWESOME APP!! 😁👍🇺🇸

Does not work. After $14 dollars.

Does not work. After $14 dollars.

Only faxes from camera

It used to fax from your picture library (which is an option). Now it no longer does that it crashes. You have to take a picture in the app of what you want to fax. If you don’t have the hard copy with you, then you’re screwed

Over priced

I was in a pinch. Had to spend 9.99 to fax 3 pages after pa


Great program

R Ski Dombrowski President

Great app when your on the move👍

Good for small business

Worked out well. Was a bit surprised at the 9.99 price for unlimited credits or 250 for the same 9.99. Kinda put you in a hole there. But if you fax often it’ll be worth the cost. And the auto capture makes sending a fax a breeze.


Pls fix this app im trying to buy credits to send. But the app dont want to open almost 3 days already and i also buy the 10 dollar apps still not working..

Not Working

I bought this app yesterday needing to send in some paperwork for my college application that is due tomorrow and I cannot even buy credits to send fax on this app. The page to buy credit as well as the website is not loading at all! Please fix this. I would hate to have wasted my money.

Cut my losses at $3.99

My mistake thinking I would only have to pay for the app once, didn’t know there were continuing expenses. Couldn’t find the document signature option. I will be deleting this and using other resources.


Bought fax app for 3.99. Then, tried to send fax. But I can't cause I have to buy additional credits.


I feel tricked. When purchasing this app, no where does it say you have to purchase credits after buying the app in order to use it. Not good.

Was unable to send the faxes-

Nowhere in the app description does it mention a fee needed to submit faxes. For a work deadline we decided to just sign up For the lowest subscription 9.99. You can image the panic when the after paying the faxes on a time sensitive factor never went through. A rush to fed ex fax and the pages were sent with no problem. Can not guarantee this will work for every fax line you are sending too. Disappointed!


The app is 3.99, but you have to pay at least another 9.99 to send a fax ( they require you to buy credits)... they don’t tell you before hand. I tried to send one fax, and it failed in sending. Another app worked just fine. I want my money back!!!

El mejor fax the Best cinco estrella

Dios es bueno

No Full Disclosure

This may be a good app but I was very annoyed immediately. Once you pay the cost of $3.99 you still have to pay more to send a fax. That was not made clear before I purchased the item. Kinda of a scam.

Finally. An app so you can fax from the road

Works great. Appreciate the simplicity. Now I can fax from my phone.

Frozen screen, didn’t work a single time!!!

Downloaded watched tutorial, tried to import first photo to fax and the phone froze. Tried it over and over with the same result. Deleted, then downloaded again. Same result. Wasted $4. Bummer.

Never would have purchased if I knew about the subscription

This is a deceiving app because it doesn't mention the subscription service. Why am I paying $3.99 then? For what? To download and have it sit on my phone? This is ridiculous and want a refund.

Can't use until you pay for a plan. Beware hidden fees.

For an app that cost $3.99 you would think that at least you'd get one free fax to try. Nope you gotta pay $9.99 for their cheapest plan. That's not disclosed before hand either. Biggest waste of money.


You buy the app but it doesn't tell you that credits must be purchased, worthless piece!!

발송 할때마다 비용 추가 발생

비용이 추가로 드네요. There's an additional charge.


There are tons of other FREE apps with in-app purchases, so I though that by paying $3.99 for this app, they would at least give some credits, but nope! So I paid $3.99 for this app that is exactly the same as other FREE apps!! Don't BUY !!!

Must buy a bunch of tokens

I cant just pay for the 2 pages I wanted to send; I had to buy tokens—ten dollars worth minimum— instead of 20cents. Bummer.

I don’t like it.

It is very bad I want my money again, I pay money to have the app then I have to pay again to pay credit.


I purchased credits that never were activated so I couldn’t use it. No response to my claim. I lost $9.99 (wasted money!!!)

Not good

I had to buy the app and after I bought the app than They want you to buy credits to be able to send. Not good at all

Files app support

Please add the ability to import PDFs from Files app.

Cost more after purchase

I paid to purchase the app not knowing I had to pay a minimum of $10 more to purchase credits to send one fax. It may be worth it to people who fax a lot but it would have cost me over $14 to send one fax. Felt deceived as I didn't see this info anywhere before purchasing.

Works great when it works...

Lets say I have had issues with the app being down for a week at a time or some other issue that would result in me having to go to local library and spend 3.25 to fax. BP Mobile is not the quickest to get back to you I send them in app support request for credits disappearing and 5 days later no credits or email. If they can get their crap together it would be an amazing app but the business ethics and practices are far to be desired and so far I since I have had this app I have spent an extra 13$ out of pocket to send a fax elsewhere.

VERY convenient!

Awesome for scanning, emailing, and faxing. Especially on the road.

The new version is fine.

Still working on it.

Very poor app

Do not waste your money on this app

hidden charges

Yes, I was looking to fax a document quickly, but after paying $3.99 and also being asked to pay $9.99, I was aggravated, and opted to send to my email, and efax out instead, at no additional charge. Shame on me but very misleading.

Seems like a scam :/

Paid for 250 credits, used 20. Phone crashed a few weeks later and had to replace it. Redownloaded app, entered my name and number - nothing. Had to pay for credits again. Contacted customer service we'll see if they do anything about it 😡

Pay for nothing

If I had known that buying this app was worthless unless I bought something else I would not have purchased it..this was definetly a rip off .. but my first rip off in the App Store.. now I know I can't trust the App Store at all .. SAD

Hidden Charges Alert!

After you BUY the app you still need to buy credits to fax. App is glitchy. Can't buy credits. Might as well use a machine!

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