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This is awful

Paid 3.99 only to find out I must purchase credits to actually use. Very misleading.

SCam app

The app makes you buy the app and then buy to fax. Should be one or the other buy the app and fax when you want or free app and pay to fax... NOT BOTH!!!


My photo is in black and white. It needs to be in color


Easy to use. Professional clear documents in pdf format. Keeps record of faxes delivered. Fast and efficient, excellent app!

False Advertising.

False advertising. Description of app said there is a $3.99 unlimited weekly fax subscription option which does not exist once you buy the app. There is no easy way to come muni are if customer service. I would like a full refund.

Took away my credit

I bought the credit Can not send them Now I want to send you make me buy more credit

Bait and switch... rip-off

Purchase this app... but you will NOT be able to use it. Why? Because you’re forced to BUY “credits” for insane prices, to unlock the ability to FAX! And nowhere... I mean NOWHERE is the price listed regarding, how many credits it costs per document to actually fax anything!!!


It's a pile of 💩 app that wants you to buy tokens or credits to send each page is 10 credits so I thought alright lets try it one Time and see only have one page how much could that cost well they don't just sell what you need but if you need to send 7.5 pages they got you covered for $3.99 ouch! but I did it anyway, it sent the fax as it claimed it was pretty expensive to send 1 page $7.00 with the price of the app? I Won't do that again I tell myself, and then a week later I have a emergency fax must be sent out to the hospital someone’s life is depending on it, but I got the extra 65 credits so I can burn some of those up on this emergency NOPE there gone I guess the expire after a week? it will never happen there's a better chance of me buying a bag from the grocery store to get my grocery's home than me buying 1 more credit from this ripoff app ! Come on apple 🍎 don't you vet these app companies anymore? Ok so here i am again in the App Store looking for a faxing app some 3 years after I wrote from the Apple up I never hit send on the review and I almost down loaded it again the horror of it I was just going into the reviews section like always before downloading any app in fact this is one of the apps that trained me to always read there BS first and there reviews for the truth about the app I’m going to go to fed x instead don’t do it people let these company’s dry up and go away we should accept this kind of product there is no reason to fleeced like this!

The worst app

I want my money back and credit purchased Credit back

The price for credits to send faxes are outrageous!

I bought 250 credits for $9.99 and one 3-page fax took it all!!!!! So $10 per fax?!? I’m going back to eFax!!

Be warned $$$

As stated in other reviews this is not $3.99 for a fax app there are additional charges for each time you want to send a fax. I feel scammed.

Still reviewing

So far it’s ok. Haven’t received a fax yet.

This app is terrible, don't use it!

Of course after you purchase the app and get all set up and ready to send your document, guess what? It requires you to buy credits! They should be up front about the cost to use this app and at least be transparent up front, instead of being sleazy about the upsell. I might as well drive down the street to FedEx Office!

Ripoff - a massive hidden charge!

Unless you’re sending faxes regularly then this is a complete ripoff. When you purchase the app for $3.99, it says nothing about the fact that in order to actually send a fax, the entire point of this app, you must then additionally purchase a credit package, the cheapest being $9.99! They would much better serve the customer to just charge up front for the what it costs to send a fax OR have an option for the occasional fax client to say, allow the $3.99 to cover up to 5 pages and after that purchase for $.10/ per page for maybe the next 10 - 15 before paying a whopping $9.99 fee on top of the $3.99. An absolute crime I was charged $14 to just fax 2 pages!!!!

Great App

Quick and Easy to use. Just like carrying around a portable fax machine


Does not tell you you are on the hook for hidden charges until after you buy the app. 9.99/ month.

Pretty Dope!

It’s pretty cool, I’m able to fax any type of documents if I’m scanning them or if the documents are saved as a photo. The only thing that I have a problem with this is the price of the credits to fax is pretty high. Overall, 👍🏼👍🏼


Paid app needs more money to send faxes.

Constantly crashes.

Spent $4 to but the app and can't purchase credits because the app crashes. Would love to get my money back from this.

Where us my bill

Sending fax is easy but I don’t see a receipt for the credits used. I beed a receipt

Vague prices

The app is easy to use, but it doesn’t give you a “cost” for sending faxes. You just have to trust them to charge fairly. I personally like knowing what something will cost me before I buy it! Also, it will send multiple notifications of a fax sent, which always has made me wonder if it’s sending multiple times.

The best thing since sliced 🍞bread!!

This is truly indeed one of the "best" purchases I've ever made. In the modern world where technology📡 is taking over this app is simply perfect!! It's a wonderful ingenious app. Nothing like being able to fax on the go 🏃🏽‍♀️💨 I would recommend this app to "all movers and shakers" to please download this app and use it. You'd be surprised how much time ⌚️and money 💰you will save. This is definitely a keeper!! 🤓👍🏽👏🏽🤙🏽

Faxes never sent!

I tried sending to faxes from this app. Both say “sent” and also “pending”. The fax was never received from this app and I’m ou $25!



Very slow.

It took 4 days to get confirmation that my fax had been received.

Works but expensive hidden charges

3.99 to buy, but will prompt you to buy credits towards a plan to even use. Wouldn’t have spent the 3.99 if I knew there was additional plan charge. Way to expensive just go to your local office supply store and do it there if you really need to fax.

Hidden charges

You would think you would get some credits for your first fax by paying the $3.99 up front for the app but no. The cheapest package is $9.99 after you pay the $3.99 for the app. I deleted it and got the free app from a competitor who’s lowest package is $6.99.

Additional fees

It cost to get the app then when I opened it I found out you had to buy credits to fax. If you have to buy credits to fax then the app should be free. Or at least warned before I spent the money


Can’t get it to work. Now I have to buy credits????


Sending a fax was quick and easy, but very expensive, and evidently the cancellation process is not available. Everything else is, but the cancellation process is not identifiable.


So I paid $3.99 for the app then have to pay to send fax. Why pay the initial $3.99? I get that it costs to fax, but to pay for an app to pay for a fax is ridiculous. Also, after paying for everything, my recipient never received the fax.

Wasted my $4

App doesn’t tell u that the app purchase price doesn’t cover any credit to be able to fax!!! Give me my $4 back!!!

Missing credits

Pretty good. Never had a problem with faxed documents. Only issue is missing credits. Every time I fax I have to buy a new bundle to fax even though I had some remaining from my last bundle. Otherwise it gets the job done.


Why aren’t many countries listed? This is pathetic

It’s ok

I’m having trouble sending faxes even though I’m on the unlimited plan. It keeps telling me I need to buy credits and if I hit buy it says I’m already subscribed to unlimited. No phone number to call for support, very frustrating

Correct Pricing

To send a Fax anywhere is cost at minimum 1$ per page usually with a starting cost of 1.50$-2.00$. 250 credits is 10$ this transfers to 10 credits per page. If the fax is not within your region pricing can increase greatly 2.00$-3.00$ per page


If only I could rate this 0 stars. You pay 3.99 for the app & then you can’t use it tofax anything unless you buy credits. The starting price is 9.99 for 250 credits, which is only 25 pages. Don’t waste your money on this app!


Photos don’t load for option to fax.

Scared but did it

I have tried other fax services and had difficulty. I am 77. With this service I figured it out quickly. Not cheap. But good.




I paid for this app, 4 dollars, with the impression that sending faxes would be free. Then I spent another 20, more than what a free fax app charged, just to send it. Unprofessional

Non responsive customer service

Just got taken for another $9.99. Had to reset my phone and even had the app backed up and I lost all my credits. Everything came back except the credits. Hmmm... is this by design? Happened before when I had to get a new phone. Developer responded asking for an email. 5 emails and zero response. Buyers beware.

Hidden Fees

Wish I would have known I had to pay an additional 9.99 to send a fax once I paid the 3.99 for the app itself.....

I thought I could use it to fax but it’s saying I have purchase credits in order to send it..

I need my account credited..I just paid $3.99 for no reason

The best

phone line are a day in the past. with this you can fax from your phone. I think is the best app

Missing Credits

Bought 250 credits used 5 and now i have 230 left . How was that math done . That not a good sign .

Needs to add cover sheet

First paying for the app, you would think that they will a pretty good platform. This need a cover letter, like any time that you are sending a fax. Also it doesn’t tell you how many credits you are using before sending the fax. Needs a little work.


First let me clearly state that I have not used the app yet. The 2 stars are because I paid 3.99 for an app that I can’t use unless I spend an addition minimum of $9.99. I will up date this review once i actually use it.

Bad surprise

Horrible interface.


So it’s 3.99 for the app ok.....I really need to fax something. Nobody had a gun to my head but now I have to buy credits and the cheapest bundle is $9.99!!! I’m 3.99 invested, I need to send a friggin fax maybe once this year so the fax app has the human condition figured out. If they can get you to spend 3.99 for the app, they got you hooked for the smallest bundle of 9.99. It also took two hours for 7 pages to go through.

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