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First let me clearly state that I have not used the app yet. The 2 stars are because I paid 3.99 for an app that I can’t use unless I spend an addition minimum of $9.99. I will up date this review once i actually use it.

Bad surprise

Horrible interface.


So it’s 3.99 for the app ok.....I really need to fax something. Nobody had a gun to my head but now I have to buy credits and the cheapest bundle is $9.99!!! I’m 3.99 invested, I need to send a friggin fax maybe once this year so the fax app has the human condition figured out. If they can get you to spend 3.99 for the app, they got you hooked for the smallest bundle of 9.99. It also took two hours for 7 pages to go through.

Paid for nothing

I paid $3 for this app and if you want to send a fax you have to pay another $10. Oh, and then the fax didn’t send. Don’t waste your money! 👎🏻

Criminal hidden charges.

You figure if you’re paying for an app you don’t have to pay per page. No where did they tell you it’s $.10 a page and there’s no guarantee the fax even goes through. App did not even work how do I get a refund? Why can’t they tell you there’s a subscription fee?

Not working

I just sent one fax and it’s been delivered 138 times today. Come on! I hope this isn’t using my data!

37 times

I just got 37 notifications that it sent my 1 fax. Lol

Hidden charges cheaper than a monthly subscription for the occasional facet

Are used to subscribe monthly to an online fax service, but it cost nearly $10 a month and I only needed it a couple times a year. So I was spending $120 when in fact I could have just spent $10 with this app for credits. If you are like most people, you do not fax books, but maybe five or 10 sheets at a time. So the 250 credits you get for just $10 are well worth it for most casual fax users. This may not be for you if you need to fax many sheets every day as a business. But it sure is convenient to have the credits For those pain in the butt moments when I have to fax and they won’t let me email.

Great apl

This is a great app, love it. Thanks

Nice amazing!!!


Hidden scam

You pay for the app and then you pay to send faxes.


1. Surprise charges. Since when does it cost to make a phone call? 2. Calls your phone for no reason 3. Sends repetitive notifications 4. Records/reports of past faxes are lousy Horrible

Keeps erasing purchased credits

This is now the second time this year I have opened this app only to see my purchased credits gone. I made the mistake of buying them again a second time the last time. Now I’m on to your game & will be filing complaints with Apple. Do not trust this App with your $$$ Oh & I did contact your service department and there response was basically “too bad for you”. AGAIN DO NOT TRUST THIS APP. If you do the right thing I’ll happily update.

Fax Delivered

I get 10 notifications that the Fax has been delivered!


Beware!!!! You don’t really get anything for your $3.99 except the right to spend money every single fax you send. Read the fine print.


I like it but think is little bit too expensive


Not only do you pay for the APP, you have to pay a fee for credits to fax. Easy to use.

Fraudulent app

This app requires the purchase of Fax credits after you've already paid four dollars for the application. The minimum cost of the Fax credits is $10. I don't want all that and I figure paying four dollars to send one fax would've been enough. I would even be willing to spend a couple more dollars. But not $10 a month more. Don't buy this app and less you know what you're doing.

Existing customer

Keep getting messages that fax went through. I liked the app until now as it keeps repeating it. Ok already stop

A rip off

Stay away from it

IN progress forever! After $9.99!

Do not waste the time !


I brought credits for $9.99 that gave me 250 credits, after I sent my fax over I was left with only 20 credits.. I was certain I would be able to fax at least a couple times with out that many credits being used just for one fax...I won’t be buying anymore credits or using this app. DELETE!!! That $9.99 spent just felt like a waste.. this whole fax process is jacked up, it was convenient for me because I’m a mother and always on the go! But the amount of money used for credits they give you isn’t worth it

Inconsistent app

When it works it’s great, however recently the server has been giving me error issues and could not use it for several days. Contacted technical support and only got a very vague answer. Also it’s not easy to turn off auto renewal.

Awesomely awesome 😃👍

Simple and Powerful. Fast Fax sending and reliable App. Very recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Not a happy camper

Yesterday I had to send a fax and the server was down. Not sure if the issue was related to the app itself or the server. The app was just updated today. Finally was able to send the fax today.

Server is unavailable

Can use asking for refund server is unavailable

Doesn’t work (Server Issues)

The company’s servers work well enough to accept payment for credits, but not enough to actually send a fax. Waste of money...

Many attempts with no help! I would pass.

When installing this app onto my new phone I lost all of my purchased credits. After contacting customer Service through email as requested several times I have never been credited for my unused credits. I have never even been contacted back. Not good.

App server has been down for weeks

As above

Connecting to server issues

I purchased this app and have had problems with it since I purchased it. I purchased $20 with of credit thinking I could use it. Every time I try to use it I get connecting to server error. Would like to be refunded for the total amount paid!!!!

A $21 expense to send 1 FAX!

So I had to send an emergency fax and I, like most people these days do not have a fax machine so I decided to pay the $3.99 for the app and the $9.99 for the 250 credits. Seemed like a reasonable choice instead of driving to Staples and pay the $7 to use theirs, plus I’d then always have a fax to use in my pocket. Welp, after I paid the $3.99 and the $9.99, the server this app uses to send fax was down and I didn’t get to send my emergency fax. In the end I had to go to Staples and pay the $7.00. Ended up costing me $21 bucks for a deng fax by the time I was done with everything. >: /

Server Down for Days?!?!

Disappointed when my previously reliable fax app suddenly let me down due to “server down” error. This is day 4 without it. I’ve had to move on to another fax app - losing my $10+ I had purchased in prepaid faxes. Alas. Hope they get it remedied for other customers.

App not working

I’ve been trying to fax something important for two days and it keeps telling me the system is under maintenance. How long is this supposed to take?

The app is not working anymore

It used to work well. However, now when opening the fax app and trying to send a fax it either says “connect to the internet to send fax” or “server is unavailable, please try again later”. It’s been like that for the past few days. I have restarted iPhone and reloaded the app several times but to no avail.

App has gone to sh*t

I’ve been trying for weeks to send a single fax and it won’t send and keeps saying “server is down.” I paid for credits that I can’t even use. Fix it or get rid of the app.

Server has been down

I signed up for monthly plan but the server has been down for like a week now. Can’t send faxes but my plan is still being charged.

Don’t count on it

Worked well until it didn’t. Delivered a total of 3 faxes and now the “server is down” and stuck with many “pending delivery” faxes. From previous reviews it seems like stability is consistency is an issue

server down

i only downloaded and paid 9.99 because i needed to fax asap. the server was down all night, so 9.99 wasted.

Servers go down from time to time

Dude, server is being down for two days now and can’t send faxes. Smh. Unacceptable considering I have to fax every day for work. Fix it!!! Also I’ve seen other comments where pictures taken and scanned come out blurry. I thought I was the only one but apparently not.. Really annoying as I have to close the app down and reopen other wise camera will keep taking pictures out of focus every time.

Server unavailable, no customer support response

I bought the app and the credits to send faxes. For two days I have received a “server maintenance” message saying it is unavailable. Which makes this app useless. I filled out a customer support ticket on the app, no response. If this continues for another 2 days, will report this app to Apple as a developer who is not delivering on their product and is taking money from its customers.

Expensive and awful service

I’ve never been so disgusted. Hiding fees after paying 3.99 for the app, you have to pay minimum 10 dollars for credits, and the service has been down for over a day now. I had a pretty urgent fax and now I have to spend even more money-customer services answer to this was “sorry but our service is down” please. Go to another fax app.

Please fix!!!

I’m unable to fax, due to the server being down and unable to requests my recent purchase! I will change the rating if it’s fixed. Thanks!


Do not buy!!!!! I just spent $14 on this app and credits and I can’t even send a fax because the server is down. This is frustrating!!! I need to fax now and feel like I just wasted my money.


SERIOUS ISSUSE WITH FILLABLE PDF. This app may work great of you are taking a picture of your document(s) however, if you have a fillable PDF and are pulling off your cloud media the app will strip the text within the document(s). I looked around and found a free FAX app and it works great, I just purchase credits and send my fillable PDF and cover sheet. As soon as I sent it I called the intended recipient and it was already in the waiting bin and all my information was still on the PDF.

Have to pay 4$ for app

Then 10$ in app for credits

Cannot buy credits. Unable to use app.

First off, 250 credits is misleading. It almost appears like you can send 250 pages, but from other commenters, it’s not so. Second, when I tried to buy credits, it didn’t work no matter how many times I hit the button, or restarted the program. I just wasted money on buying this app and unable to do anything. Can I get a refund?

Cool app

It keeps giving sent reminders


Waste of money and time worthless never got to work and wanted more money, do not waste money or time.

Fax App

Love it. Easy to use and works great

Don’t waste your money!!!

You have to pay to download the app and then you’ll have to pay again to send any faxes. There are several apps that are free to download and you’ll pay to send faxes. So save yourself the trouble.

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