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I am trying to cancel my subscription not because I don’t like it I do I just don’t use it a lot and I can’t cancel it I need help

$3.99 for app then another $3.99 to send faxes for a week

Not thrilled that I paid $4, and then as I was sending the fax, the app asks you to pay to send the fax. I bought the cheapest, which was $4 for unlimited faxes for a week.


Too complicated and they charge me twice!! twice

Buy fax credits to fax?

After paying $3.99 for the app, it turns out you have to also buy credits in order to even SEND the fax. Whaaatttttt???? Refund!!! The iScanner app is great but this is crud. Never would have downloaded if I’d known you have to pay per fax.

Fax 1


Double charged

They charge you to buy the app then charge you to actually send the fax!

Great Cell Fax

Easy to use and send. In app photo is extremely clear and document was perfect. Would be a ‘5 Star’ app for me except purchasing the app and then buying credits was confusing and seemed duplicitous. Guess I’ll find out when the charge comes through!

Confusing about charges

I bought the app, then was forced to pay for a subscription to use it, and it is impossible to see how much I was charged or how to cancel auto payments from happening. Messaging them is awkward and unclear as well. Maybe it sent a fax I needed to send, but I honestly don’t even know.

Good but Wish for more purchase options

This app did what it said it would do and worked well with IScanner. I wished for more purchase options. I only fax occasionally. I couldn’t justify subscribing and worried about it auto renewing so paid the one week option.

Pay 3.99 for app. Then pay to send fax

They charge you 3.99 for the app and then charge you $3.99 to send a fax. And you cant just pay for one. You have to buy a week or a month or a year. To send one fax.

Rip off

This app automatically pulls money from you account as a renewal fee.

Too expensive

I was redirected from another app to this app in order to send a fax. I purchased this fax app only to find out that I also have to purchase credits to send the fax.

Extra fees to fax plus app fee

App didn’t tell me before I purchased you also have to sign up for faxing fees like about 50 bucks a year!

Rip off

I purchased the app ($3.99) thinking that I could send faxes just like it says. When I did, it asks to “buy credits “ to be able to send them. (The cheap plan is $3.99/month) I tried to contact them for a refund and I have to deal with ITunes Store. Waste of time and money. Be careful.

Don’t buy

You pay for the app and then have to pay to actually send faxes.

Do NOT buy!

Not only do you have to pay $3.99 for the app...you will have to pay even more if you want to send a fax! $3.99 is the minimum you’ll have to pay for 1 week of being able to send a fax! DO NOT BUY THIS APP!

Hate this app

Charges every month to your account 😡

Pay to play

Thought it was like their PDF app which you pay for once and you’re good, I was wrong and am not willing to pay into a subscription on top of paying for the app. There are free apps for this

Cancel this app please thanks

Cancel this app please thanks

Hidden charges - buyer beware! This is a rip off

I loved this app —until it came time to « renew my subscription. » I was presented with three options, including a reasonably priced 12-month option. Problem was when I tried to select that option, nothing happened. I tried the third —and most expensive—option, priced ridiculously at $39.99 for 3 months, automatically renewed, and lo and behold, the screen advanced and I was asked to “confirm.” Instead, I’m deleting the app altogether and looking for a different one. Major rip off scheme that does not become obvious until you’ve built up a storehouse of scanned and faxed items that I will now lose.

Unclear Charges

After paying for the app. There is a fee to send each fax or membership. It’s ridiculous. I would have never bought this had I known.

Be Careful!

Can’t figure out how to cancel and it auto renews weekly!

Won’t let me cancel my subscription.

Fax worked fine me but won’t let me cancel.

Love it!

This is easy to use and I love having the ability to fax out from the phone.


Costs $3.99 to get then there is hidden charges

False charges

Continues to charge my card and I didn’t sign up for that


I wouldn’t use this app really often so It not worth it for me to buy it. But overall use was easy.

I can’t keep it from charging me

I dont use it, i uninstalled it and it still charges me


Requires purchases to use on top of the app fee. You will not be able to send a fax with this app alone, you need a subscription on top of the price of the app. Very misleading!

1st Choice Limousine Services Inc

Needed to email a document to my office . My secretary was having problems with the printer accepting my emails. This was my first time using the APP . The fax went through successfully. I am satisfied with the APP . I look forward to utilizing more frequently.

Complete Rip off

Beware. You not only need to pay them for the program but also have to pay a subscription charge to actually use the program. Buyer beware. This is not explained at all in the purchase notes.

I would rate it a 0 Star if I could!

I would rate it a 0 Star if I could! An absolute rip off! Beware do not buy the app the have charged me 7 times in the past 2 weeks and I have not even used the app more than once when I originally purchased the app!


It not free


Should let you know before purchasing that you need a subscription to use it. Why charge for the app.? Then a subscription. Oh well, $4 down the drain. I won’t ever buy another app. From this company.

Bait and Switch! :-(

I needed to quickly download an app to fax an important document. My iScanner app connected me to this app. I purchased it for $3.99 but couldn’t send a fax without committing to a subscription for extra money. Apparently, my subscription will be automatically renewed unless I turn that setting off in my user setting of the app. The user setting of the app does not have such a setting to turn off. And I still need to send my fax. VERY UNHAPPY WITH THEIR TACTICS!!!

This is crap

Bought the app when trying to buy credits it shuts down

Can't cancel

Don't buy because you can't cancel this crap. They keep charging you.

It’s fine but I’d rather not have to pay for the credits.

Having to pay for the fax is fine. But why the credits? That’s a pain in the you know what for someone who doesn’t fax a who lot. I just needed to send some paperwork over.

Works great no bugs

I have used a few of these products and this is by far the best I have seen

I don't usually write... but, this is a great app.

Good App, does what it says, even with credits, months later. Read the reviews. 😃❤️


I agree with all the people who had to pay twice to use this app. I just donated $4. To the believer who wrote a review, this app was deceiving!!! You must work for the deceiver.

Delivered Copy

I love the fact that this app saves a copy of what you fax. Comes in real handy!

False advertising

Do not buy. You’ll just have to buy faxes on top of the price.

In app purchase required

I use the iScanner app to scan documents. It’s fantastic. So I just need to send a fax and iScanner will export documents to this app. So I paid $4 for the app and then it won’t let me fax my document unless I pay an additional $4 per week or $50 for the year? It’s a bit misleading and expensive in my opinion. Make sure you read completely about this app before purchasing.


Need to turn off auto renewal and am unable to find where to do that! And I sent only 11 pages and it also cost the hidden cost of 9.99 which it says it will auto renew unless I turn auto renew off.

Absolutely fantastic app

This app is more than awesome it’s a blessing and I have to say that I’m very impressed with its design and ease of use. So if you are wondering if you should use it I say in Jesus name it’s a winner and May God bless you guys that deserve a special thanks from a great and true Disciple of Christ in the Truth and there are a lot of companies out there that don’t care a bit about the people who believe in the Truth well I’m blessing this company in the name of Jesus to always stay honest and don’t let the money be the Truth in you let your passion for helping people continue and never Trust the WAY OF THE THINGS THAT ARE GOING TO HAPPEN. I say this because to know the truth is to be blessed with Love integrity morals and values of the spirit of God bless you my friends for I know that my God is Almighty and will watch over yourself and you’re family in Jesus name amen hallelujah praise God

It’s a scam for money DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP!!!!

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP!!!! No where do they tell you that you have to purchase credits in order to send a fax. First you pay 3.99 and assume that is all. I tried to use my app and it wanted to force me to continue to pay per page to send a fax. This is just a way to scam you out of 3.99 and then get more money the more you use this.

Ok app, lousy fee notification

They need to make it easier to cancel the auto renewal service, which is not an option the way they have it set up. I don’t mind paying a per fax fee, even a gratuitous $.10 apiece, but a monthly or weekly ongoing charge is horse hockey.

Don’t be fooled..

The app works well but the initial $3.99 for the app is followed by a weekly charge of $3.99 to send faxes. I’m ok with a subscription but when they hide fees like this, I lose all respect..

Purchased in haste

Needed to send a fax fast and made a purchase. It worked just fine, even used it again! However, the cost in the long run is too high so I’m canceling.

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