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Frozen screen, didn’t work a single time!!!

Downloaded watched tutorial, tried to import first photo to fax and the phone froze. Tried it over and over with the same result. Deleted, then downloaded again. Same result. Wasted $4. Bummer.

Never would have purchased if I knew about the subscription

This is a deceiving app because it doesn't mention the subscription service. Why am I paying $3.99 then? For what? To download and have it sit on my phone? This is ridiculous and want a refund.

Can't use until you pay for a plan. Beware hidden fees.

For an app that cost $3.99 you would think that at least you'd get one free fax to try. Nope you gotta pay $9.99 for their cheapest plan. That's not disclosed before hand either. Biggest waste of money.


You buy the app but it doesn't tell you that credits must be purchased, worthless piece!!

발송 할때마다 비용 추가 발생

비용이 추가로 드네요. There's an additional charge.


There are tons of other FREE apps with in-app purchases, so I though that by paying $3.99 for this app, they would at least give some credits, but nope! So I paid $3.99 for this app that is exactly the same as other FREE apps!! Don't BUY !!!

Must buy a bunch of tokens

I cant just pay for the 2 pages I wanted to send; I had to buy tokens—ten dollars worth minimum— instead of 20cents. Bummer.

I don’t like it.

It is very bad I want my money again, I pay money to have the app then I have to pay again to pay credit.


I purchased credits that never were activated so I couldn’t use it. No response to my claim. I lost $9.99 (wasted money!!!)

Not good

I had to buy the app and after I bought the app than They want you to buy credits to be able to send. Not good at all

Files app support

Please add the ability to import PDFs from Files app.

Cost more after purchase

I paid to purchase the app not knowing I had to pay a minimum of $10 more to purchase credits to send one fax. It may be worth it to people who fax a lot but it would have cost me over $14 to send one fax. Felt deceived as I didn't see this info anywhere before purchasing.

Works great when it works...

Lets say I have had issues with the app being down for a week at a time or some other issue that would result in me having to go to local library and spend 3.25 to fax. BP Mobile is not the quickest to get back to you I send them in app support request for credits disappearing and 5 days later no credits or email. If they can get their crap together it would be an amazing app but the business ethics and practices are far to be desired and so far I since I have had this app I have spent an extra 13$ out of pocket to send a fax elsewhere.

VERY convenient!

Awesome for scanning, emailing, and faxing. Especially on the road.

The new version is fine.

Still working on it.

Very poor app

Do not waste your money on this app

hidden charges

Yes, I was looking to fax a document quickly, but after paying $3.99 and also being asked to pay $9.99, I was aggravated, and opted to send to my email, and efax out instead, at no additional charge. Shame on me but very misleading.

Seems like a scam :/

Paid for 250 credits, used 20. Phone crashed a few weeks later and had to replace it. Redownloaded app, entered my name and number - nothing. Had to pay for credits again. Contacted customer service we'll see if they do anything about it 😡

Pay for nothing

If I had known that buying this app was worthless unless I bought something else I would not have purchased it..this was definetly a rip off .. but my first rip off in the App Store.. now I know I can't trust the App Store at all .. SAD

Hidden Charges Alert!

After you BUY the app you still need to buy credits to fax. App is glitchy. Can't buy credits. Might as well use a machine!

Hidden Costs! $10 minimum to send your first fax

I assume it functions well but I'm not paying $10 to buy credits to send a six page fax. Enjoy my $4, it's the last you'll see from me.

Hidden fees

Hidden fees can get very expensive.

Cost too much!

There is no indication that you have to buy credits. No faxes can be done without buying credits each time you fax. Would not recommend. I want my money back!

Fax/ scanner

Terrible! I am having problems the video: tutorial is not helpful . What is more there is no contact number.

I wish....

I wish I would have read the reviews... This app is worthless to me and I PAID. Very Disappointed.


SO MISLEADING!! Why did I even have to pay for the app if there were going to be fees to send a single fax???


I wanted to have this app in case I needed to fax. Then found out I need to purchase credits also. I am retired. I can't afford this. I'm especially disappointed by the hidden charges. I want a refund please.


There is another free app on the store that also charges credits per page sent. Why charge money for the app and then charge per page. Don't buy! Do not buy.


Useless to me because I wouldn't be able to eat if I spent what it would cost for the amount of faxes I need to send. Enjoy the $3.99 you weezled out of me. You're welcome.

I don't usually write...

Good App, does what it says, even with credits, months later. Read the reviews. 😃❤️

Too expensive

I only needed to fax ONE page, and I had to buy $10 of credit.


This app is a lifesaver. Had to fax documents over for verification, didn't have a fax machine at home, local print shop was closed. This app came to the rescue.

Credits are s little expensive seeing as you pay upfront for the app.

Trying to figure out how to get a refund for this.


Purchased this application. Sent 2 faxes and they was never received by the other party. Do no purchase.

Junk Programming

This is another of a series of three applications that do not work at all. One of these doesn't even install completely and has a dimmed icon with 'waiting' as its label. Then someone from the company writes to contact them to waste even more time. This means the writers have no intention of repairing their code and this remains a waste of your dollars and a clog in your phone.

Faxed approx 25 documents

Faxed approx 25 documents to three different companies and none received. Waste of $$$$$$$$ BTW I. want a refund on the app and all credits I paid to fax them.

Missing features

I should be able to type an intro or a note on the main fax page, and not require me to hand write on a sheet, take a picture and add a charge for that page. The fax cover page should have a section for my brief notes. Also - should include a few free pages to test the app having just paid $4 The only way to test is spending another $10 Feel dirty Feels like a scam Purchased the bundle but the finger print option came up twice - so it double charged. I don't like the tactics, so I will move to something else and ask Apple to credit my account. Stay away - They need to learn that a good product and good service will sell itself. I feel scammed - Changed your ways - Come clean and be transparent. Reach out when you do. I'll try your product again.

No trial and too expensive

I tried the free but then the hidden MUST buy the app but when I purchased this app now you buy credit!!😡☹️☹️☹️I want to return n refund

Most expensive fax I've ever sent.

I assumed by paying $3.99 for the app, that faxing would be free, or cost a few cents. That is NOT the case. The cheapest option for buying credits is $9.99, and when you only need to send 2-3 faxes a year, it's ridiculously expensive. I paid a total of $14 to send a single one page fax.

Hidden charges

I like the app. It is useful. The one thing I do not like about it is that there are hidden charges when you use it and I find it deceitful by the vendor not to disclose. This is an important piece of information for the buyer to make a decision before buying it. I would have given it 4 stars but in my opinion, all factors should be included at the time of sale and not surface after the purchase.

Rip off

I don't appreciate purchasing an app and then having to pay for a monthly subscription to use it. This was not clear in the app store when purchasing.

Excellent App!!! ❤️❤️❤️

It's simply! It works great! Keep up the good work!

Sends fax 1/2 the time

It's ok if you don't have a fax machine. But it doesn't send the fax all the time. You send a fax and sometimes it can take a while before confirming it sent; so I would check it a little later and it would fail.



I didn't know when I purchased the app that you had to pay extra just to send a fax!

I wouldn't have purchased the app if I had known that you have to buy credits to send faxes! Seems like a rip off! Not happy with this at all!

Hidden Charges

Bought the app for $3.99 and those get I could send fax. Not the case, you must purchase credits in order to send. $9.99 for a month of unlimited US, or other options like 250 credits for $9.99. Each page is $0.10 so it adds up. Be ready to pay!! I wasn't and would like a refund because this information was not provided prior to purchase.

Both worth it

Waste of money. Do not purchase. They make you pay for credits for each page after promise if you you buy you get 70 credit, which NO!! They give you nothing!! They do not reimburse either!

I want my money back

Didn't know you had to buy credits after paying for the app!! I downloaded another free app instead. What a rip off this app is Should be a free app if your going to have to buy credits!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

There was no mention of the fees in order to send a fax!!!

It's funny how I tried desperately to read the reviews before buying this bundled app but for some strange reason, I couldn't. I trusted that I was getting exactly what was in the description, so I moved forward with the purchase. I got the two apps, yes; however, there was no mention of the fees you have to buy once you've already paid for the fax app. This is deceiving! I want a refund.


are you kidding me? You charge $3.99 to download this app, only to find you have to pay credits just like all of the OTHER fax apps--THAT ARE FREE TO DOWNLOAD!!!! I'll be disputing these charges and I've already deleted your app.

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